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Real Estate Transaction Advisory Services

As certified surveyors and real estate experts with more than 10 years of experience, we are your discreet and reliable partner for real estate transactions with values above EUR 10,000,000. We are the right partner for you in a wide variety of cases, such as: relocating production facilities, raising hidden reserves, optimizing portfolios, disinvestment of commercial and residential properties

As we assist you with your transaction, we will be at your side, representing your interests professionally and assertively. We will work to circumvent risks from the beginning, analyse your investment in detail, accompany you during contract negotiations, and take care of the formalities.

It is essential to determine whether the transaction will add value to your business and whether it will fit and fulfill your goals. To determine this, we will conduct an analysis of the target market and analyze object-specific conditions as well as all other transaction-relevant parameters. Based on the results we will develop successful strategies for you and help you to implement them.

The main goal of real estate transaction consulting is always to avoid, from the outset, any risks that may occur. We work to achieve the greatest possible efficiency by utilizing all available potential and to ensure your economic success.That's why we create an individual strategy for your firm and accompany you through every step of the process—from planning and preparing the transaction to successfully closing it. As your trusted experts, we professionally analyse every detail of the asset and your transaction.

This is how our joint real estate transaction could proceed:

  • Transaction preparation
  • Market and property analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Object optimization
  • Positioning
  • Operational transaction advisory
  • Contract negotiations - monitoring and execution
  • Signing and closing

Real Estate Valuation

Our certified surveyors possess many years of experience from more than 2,000 real estate valuations, and they use scientifically sound and practically proven valuation procedures. In order to provide an independent and objective expert assessment, we use a synthesis of several scientifically recognized methods, such as classical valuation concepts, modern procedures according to international standards, and internally adapted complex mathematical models. Our detailed assessment profile of your asset will meet the most stringent requirements. Needless to say, your strategic perspectives and individual circumstances are taken into account as part of the valuation. You will receive a precise valuation for your individual purposes. This, in turn, can lead effective portfolio optimization. We can plan and execute this on your behalf.

Real estate valuation is a valuable basis for your decisions regarding possible and planned acquisitions as well as your investment and sales decisions.

Our valuations can be used, for example, for submissions to credit institutions, be integrated into balance sheets, complement the information requirements of capital market transactions, or as an important document for portfolio holders. Our valuations also provide relevant guidance to all the parties involved in a transaction. Furthermore, you can submit our valuation, if needed, in court as a report or use it as a third-party report; as competent, certified experts, we are expressly entitled to do so.

Corporate Relocations

Relocating production facilities to a greenfield is an ideal tool for strong company growth, for the optimization of cost structures, to set the basis for new and more efficient production structures or for balance sheet optimization.

We raise hidden reserves for you, take care of the development and financing of your greenfield, coordinate all stakeholders/partners, and take all further steps that are necessary to make your relocation successful.

We are the link between your company, government, and external partners throughout the project.